Welcome friends and family to our SkyRiver Web Gallery. These nostalgic photos mark past special events with our loyal fans including festive R&R jam sessions at "Glenn Meadows" in Woodenville, Wa. :::Getting by with a little help from the Bros... Glenn Wilson, Brian Knowles, Gorder Badinger.
SkyRiver Band
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A flying elf with jeweled wings
With chime's and bell's and musical things
Recalls a place in times now past
A second chance returns at last
A spotted cat with one gold tooth
Chilled Caviar and sweet vermouth
Doctor G he hold on tight
Lays down the bass for this big night
Take a taste and you will know
The part you'll play in our new show
Rub your belly pat your head
And play the drums like Guido said
Do it now and you shall see
Maestro B perform for free
Pin stripped pants and sequined shoes
Grabs his axe and play the blues
The crowd applauds the dazzling show
Not so good but they don't know
The bag of spice has done them right

We leave the stage as stars tonight
Glenn Pam
Brian Carolyn